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Zoomorfic-type 'chocolate' vase
  • CollectionCollection America
  • Inventory numberAAM 00080.1
  • Object nameVase (pot)
  • TitleZoomorfic-type 'chocolate' vase
  • CultureHuastec
  • GeographyPlace of production: Veracruz (state) (America > North America > Mexico)
  • Date1200 / 1521
  • MaterialTerra cotta (Earth > Clay > Ceramics > Earthenware)
  • DimensionsHeight: 19 cm, Width: 22,6 cm, Depth: 18,5 cm
  • OwnerMusée Art et Histoire / Museum Kunst en Geschiedenis
  • Order photographs

The Aztecs used to make chocolate by heating the cocoa in water and then adding the juice of agave, cornflower, amaranth, vanilla or even chilli pepper. Over the last decade, various archaeological discoveries have helped to pin down the first dates when cocoa was consumed in Central America. This use of cocoa have first appeared in 1900 BC.