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Oval plaque with seated king
  • CollectionCollection Egypt
  • Research projectsGlypcol
  • Inventory numberE.05622
  • Object nameStamp seal
  • TitleOval plaque with seated king
  • CultureEgyptian
  • GeographyPlace of discovery: Unknown
    Place of production: Egypt (Africa > North Africa)
  • Date-664 / -525
  • PeriodSait Period (Egypt > Late Period)
  • MaterialFaience (Earth > Clay > Ceramics > Earthenware)
  • DimensionsHeight: 1,4 cm, Width: 0,9 cm, Depth: 0,4 cm
  • OwnerMusées royaux d'art et d'histoire/Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
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This oval-shaped seal amulet shows, on its base, a depiction of a figure sitting on the “nb” basket. He is crowned with the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and can be identified as a king. On his knees, he holds a “Hs” vase. The motif can thus be read as ‘praise to the king’. Though similar designs are known from seal amulets from the New Kingdom, this type (oval plaque or scaraboid) does not seem to appear before the first millennium, which makes a dating in the 26th dynasty more probable.