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Scarab of Thutmosis III
  • CollectionCollection Egypt
  • Research projectsGlypcol
  • Inventory numberE.05704.4
  • Object nameStamp seal
  • TitleScarab of Thutmosis III
  • CultureEgyptian
  • GeographyPlace of discovery: Sanam (Africa > North Africa > Sudan > Al-Wasta (region) > White Nile (province))
    Place of production: Egypt (Africa > North Africa)
  • Date-747 / -525
  • PeriodSait Period (Egypt > Late Period)
  • MaterialSteatite (mineral) (Stone > Mineral)
  • DimensionsHeight: 1,7 cm, Width: 1,2 cm, Depth: 0,7 cm
  • OwnerMusées royaux d'art et d'histoire/Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
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Two worshippers kneel on both sides of an oval shape with the name of Thutmosis III (“Mn-Khpr-Ra” with an added “n”). Above, a large scarab between two winged uraei (or falcons?) and below the hieroglyph for gold, “nbw”. The morphology of the scarab seal, in particular the hollowed-out sides, points to a date between the 19th and 26th dynasty. This is not exceptional for scarabs with the name of Thutmosis III, who was worshipped for centuries after his death and whose name appeared on scarabs until the Late Period.