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Scarab with Amon-re and two falcon-headed deities
  • CollectionCollection Egypt
  • Research projectsGlypcol
  • Inventory numberE.06631
  • Object nameStamp seal
  • TitleScarab with Amon-re and two falcon-headed deities
  • CultureEgyptian
  • GeographyPlace of production: Egypt (Africa > North Africa)
    Place of discovery: Lower Egypt (region) (Africa > North Africa > Egypt)
  • Date-1295 / -1069
  • Period20th dynasty (Egypt > New Kingdom)
  • MaterialSteatite (mineral) (Stone > Mineral)
  • DimensionsHeight: 2 cm, Width: 1,4 cm, Depth: 0,9 cm
  • OwnerMusées royaux d'art et d'histoire/Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
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The base of this scarab shows a scene with three figures holding each other by the hand. The central figure shows the god Amun with two falcon-headed figures by his side, with solar disks above their heads. They represent Horus. Such compositions are characteristic for the Ramessid Period and the morphology of this scarab confirms the dating.