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  • CollectionCollection National archaeology
  • Inventory numberB002175-025
  • Object nameBelly (shard)
  • GeographyPlace of discovery: Uccle (Europe > Western Europe > Belgium > Brussels-Capital Region)
  • PeriodMiddle Ages / Modern Times (National archaeology)
  • MaterialStoneware (Earth > Clay > Ceramics > Earthenware)
    Barbotine (Ceramics > Categories)
    Ceramics (Earth > Clay)
    Schist (Stone)
  • OwnerMusées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire / Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
  • Order photographs

The Groeselenberg site in Uccle, located on the ground of the Deux-Alices, was excavated in 1904-1905 by E. Delheid during extraction works in a sand quarry. Remains of the Gallo-Roman period and the middle ages were found. The material comes mostly from the filling of a pit (with a depth of 11m), various smaller (waste) pits and graves.