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Scarab with inscription
  • CollectionCollection Egypt
  • Research projectsGlypcol
  • Inventory numberE.05617a
  • Object nameStamp seal
  • TitleScarab with inscription
  • CultureEgyptian
  • GeographyPlace of production: Egypt (Africa > North Africa)
    Place of discovery: Unknown
  • Date-1850 / -1650 (uncertain)
  • Period13th dynasty (Egypt > Middle Kingdom)
  • MaterialStone
  • DimensionsHeight: 2 cm, Width: 1,3 cm, Depth: 0,8 cm
  • OwnerMusées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire / Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis
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Excluding some unconventional details (the letter “n” is depicted both as a zigzag line and, on another occasion, as a comb) and the fact that the name does not appear on the list of Egyptian names of H. Ranke, this scarab belongs to the private name scarabs from the Middle Kingdom (12-13th dynasty). The inscription, surrounded by a scroll border seems to show the name and title of a certain At(?)-Seneb: “sS (?) n pr-chnty At(?)-snb”, ‘At(?)-Seneb, scribe (?) of the harem’.